Feb 23

Day 1 of the Salt Lake Shootout

Today was the first day of the Ski Salt Lake Shootout. I was fortunate enough to shoot at Alta today and was able to shoot some big lines in the sun on probably our only blubird day of the event. I was shooting with Julian Carr and Todd Ligare. Both these guys just crush it out on the hill. The showed me the zones to get the shots and they were great to work with. After some editing tonight, I feel like I have a decent start to the event with a few shots in many of the 5 categories (we submit 3 images for: Big mountain, powder, air, mountain lifestyle, and city lifestyle). The snow was good, the light was good, everything was good…except for the lack of my skis. My ski bag didn’t make it on my flight, so I skied today on borrowed skis from Sam Elias…brand new Black Diamond Zealots, and the Alta ski shop borrowed me some poles for the day. My ski bag arrived sometime during the day today and I am stoked tomorrow get on my Lhasa Pows with duller edges and a more buttery feel. Here are some shots from day 1 that won’t be making the final cut.

Todd and Julian heading up in the morning

Todd and Julian heading up in the morning

Todd getting ready to slay a big line

Todd getting ready to slay a big line

Julian and the bluebird pow

Julian- Discrete headwear- check it!

Todd from across the way

Julian at the end of the day

Todd trying to work last light before patrol gave us the boot.

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Kimberley Allan February 24, 2010

Looking forward to seeing the shots that will make it! And I’m very happy to see that helmets are being worn in a few of the shots. Save your brain!!

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