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Wow, IF3 was an experience for sure. Athan and I traveled to Montreal for IF3 and expected to get our show to a larger and a more jib/jump/park oriented crowd, but not much beyond that.

Montreal. New city for Dendrite.

IF3 was a blur. Late nights of parties, long days of watching numerous awesome ski flicks!

During the final evening of the festival, the Newschoolers Awards were given out. We were extremely stoked to be awarded ‘Best Big Mountain Movie’ in the Open category. The nominees were: our movie, MSP’s The Way I See it, and PBP’s Revolver. To beat out MSP and PoorBoyz who both have some rather large budgets and our film shot and produced out of our pockets, feels pretty damn good.

Pleasantly surprised and uber stoked!

We are super thankful to even be nominated in the same realm as these two juggernauts. MSP’s film was amazing, with plenty of humor and as they always do, amazing cinematography.
Poorboyz’ Revolver was incredible as well. These companies have been inspirations for us. So to be considered amongst peers is an amazing feeling.

The venue for the madness.

We also want to give a shout out to our favorite film of the fest “Azadi” by B4Apres. We spent a lot of time hanging with Anthony Bonello and his documentary was a beautiful portrayal of the people and hardships of Kashmir and how skiing, as it brings joy to us skiers, can bring a new light to the locals.

We are ready for more and the next couple of projects are brewing. Look for “Out of the Shadows” to be available soon right here on dendritestudios.com. We appreciate the patience in getting our film out to the masses. It is almost here!

see ya

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Way to crush it up there boys! Long live Dendrite!

Congratulations! We were very happy to be one of your sponsors for “Out Of the Shadows”. You have a very professional and friendly team, and we enjoyed working with you.

Athan Merrick September 21, 2010

Thanks Irene. Our Selkirk Wilderness trip was a big part of our success! Our memories will be life long from that trip.

John Gaterud September 22, 2010

Have been watching all lovely Perspectives clips (multiple times) and following Dendrite blog (including passing along your camera tips, links & comments to my aspiring filmmaker son). Wonderful news on “Shadows”; looking forward to buying copy(s). And, yes, Selkirk Wilderness a terrific place (best EVER, as my daughter says). Congratulations on your accomplishment. Such satisfaction.

Our congratulations!!!

Walt & Elsie Goerzen September 22, 2010

Congrats, Nic and Athan!
We are so proud to be your uncle and aunt, Nic!

Hey dudes-dudettes,

Congrats on winning the big award, I am sure your movie deserves it completely. Speaking of which… where can I buy it?

Athan Merrick October 3, 2010

Hola Alex. You can buy it right here very soon. The best way to be the first to know is to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Nice one guys. we are delighted to have been able to contribute a couple of pieces for the soundtrack and cannot wait to see the finished product. well done again and onwards and upwards for continued success :)

Nick Baker November 18, 2010

Athan – many congrats mate, what an awesome accomplishment! You’ve come a long way since that damn Whistler Pitch Festival in 2007! Can’t wait to see the movie myself – way to go dude.

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