Apr 11

A big week is upon us – Intersection film event in Whistler, BC

So Athan and I are embarking on a seven day mission beginning tomorrow, April 12 at 10am. As part of the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival there is a new event called Intersection. This event allows 6 invited teams to shoot and produce a ski and snowboard film in 7 days.

The requirements we are working under:
April 12 – 19 10am to 10am
30 seconds must be inbounds WB
30 seconds must be park
75% must be on snow
total length is 5-7minutes and music rights are a must

That’s all the info to give out at the moment and in just over a week from now we’ll post our show online. Oh ya, the prize, we are working towards a grand prize of $15k…pretty damn good for the first year of existence for this event. We are stoked to get after it in a big way


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Go get em Nic & Athan!

Shaun Merrick April 12, 2011

Good luck guys!!

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