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Feb 08

Dendrite upcoming trips

Filming has continued with a lot of great footage lately. Athan has been killing it behind the lens and Brett Crabtree, Little C, Chris Turpin, Eliel Hindert and PY and others have been killing it in front of the lens. We have a few trips and subsequent sponsors that we would like to announce. Later this week we are headed for a touring trip to Valhalla Mountain Touring. This is a lodge tucked into the beautiful Valhallas, along Slocan Lake. Joining Athan and I will be Griffin Post and 1 or 2 other skiers that are still being finalized. After a week of cold smoke we’ll head back to Whistler where Athan will continue to film in the many zones around Pemberton and I will head to Utah for the Salt Lake Shootout photo comp. The next Dendrite trip takes place during the last week in March. We will be heading into the Selkirks to shoot the great terrain around Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. 2 confirmed skiers for that trip are Dave Treadway and Matt Elliott and more will come. We are excited to have these trips lined up and provide the viewer with both touring and cat-propelled adventures into the mountains. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes series of photos and video from both of these trips.


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