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Here at Dendrite Studios we believe in broadening our horizons to hone our craft. It’s a company mandate that when a project is presented to one of our personnel that will make that individual a better asset to Dendrite then by all means go for it. So here are a select few projects that Athan has worked on in the past few years outside of the dendritic rotunda.

Venter Institute for ZGF Architects and Hedrich Blessing Photographers

The Venter Institute is the world’s first net zero lab building. What does that mean? The Institute that mapped the human genome and is researching many groundbreaking new advances in biological science is now housed in a facility that uses zero energy from the grid by creating and reusing all the power requirements on site. The building that allows the power hungry lab to attain that goal was designed by ZGF Architects who hired Hedrich Blessing Photographers to deliver stills and video highlighting the architecture and design. HB in turn brought Athan to the table to bring their film vision to reality. Please view the video below.

The Venter project was great because it was an opportunity to work with organizations that echo our environmental philosophy. We work and play in the mountains and oceans and believe to our core that protecting these places and doing as much as possible in our own lives is key, so to work with such big players in this field was truly special.

Bahama Blue

Athan was a B Camera Operator on a wild life tv show titled Bahama Blue by Parallax Productions with broadcast agreements with Discovery International and Oasis HD. Shooting a wildlife show that will air on Discovery Networks around the globe goes without saying that it was a great opportunity and definitely beneficial to Dendrite. Trailers coming soon!


Teton Gravity Research

3 years as a cinematographer for the biggest ski film company to learn from the best in the business on the films The Dream Factory, Way of Life, and Almost Ablaze. View the Way of Life Trailer below.


The Past: Lighting Technician

Athan spent 4 years before Dendrite began as a lighting technician on feature films and tv shows as a member of the film union IATSE 891. While some people may shrug this experience off Athan believes it is fundamental to Dendrites success. With over 20 credits under his belt as a lamp operator and a best boy he got to see master cinematographers at work on syndicated TV shows, 200 million dollar feature films and low budget indy films. This mean Dendrite’s projects look great from adventure sports to more intimate projects where lighting is key to a beautiful look and style. It also means we have observed the inner workings of film productions as big as can be.

Demo Reel

To see a bunch of work both from Dendrite and outside of Dendrite from TV, narrative films, commercials, and documentaries please view Athan’s reel. There are lots more stuff to view if you are curious at athanmerrick.com


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  • Angelo says:

    Hello guys,

    I’m a fan of your work, and when my team and I saw your work for Patagonia (Tantalus), we were moved by the imagery and wanted to say, “great work”, the best way we know how to.

    Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALekESIzNIw&t=28s

    We specialize in motivational narratives that aim to help people become practical players of the inner game.

    On Change (1.4 mil views)


    We’d love to work with you guys on something using our narrative and your imagery to tell a story, or to add value to any potential project you might have in mind. Are you guys available to chat sometime?

    All the best/


    • dendrite-admin says:

      Hi! shoot us an email to nicolas ( at ) dendritestudios.com and we can talk. Sorry about this delayed response, we are always keen to talk with interested creatives.

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