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Straws, single-use pieces of plastic that some use to sip a beverage through, that has a useful lifetime of a few minutes and takes 500 years to degrade. Straws are our new mission, we want to make straws into the next plastic bag. We want to help society get rid of its useless plastic consuming aways and start with something small. Start with straws.

We have a pitch in for a grant from Storyhive. They will award 15 pitches with funding to produce a pilot episode. Our series is called Life Shaver – Episode 1: Straws Suck. Life Shaver will present ridiculously simple ways to make the world a better place.

But WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please head to Storyhive – Straws Suck page and send us some VOTES if you want to see help see the world a cleaner place. Spread the word, share the project and we the people can cause real change. #saynotostraws #strawssuck.


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