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Funny enough I’d never heard of Malibu, BC. California sure. As an avid surfer the fabled point of Malibu in the 50’s intrigued me. Today not so much. The crowds would deter the lore. Enter Malibu, BC, a place where crowds do not exist. No surfing, besides a little bit of tidal and wake surfing, but skiing. Real deal mountains of serious consequence without a soul in site. Dendrite Studios was brought into Malibu to document a remote and unexplored heli skitrip with Dave Treadway and Willie Goldman for Peak Performance clothing. Two weeks planned turned into one week when weather took a turn for the worse. Two fly days out of seven potential made exploring the unexplored difficult. We substituted the weathered out mountains for the most incredible down day activities possible for any heli skiing location. Malibu is a truly unique and beautiful spot on the globe. Remote ocean inlets with steep granite mountains rising straight up. Snow capped peaks and an ocean teeming with wildlife. Healthy. That is the term that comes to mind. Living in BC I am constantly in an abundance of wilderness, but almost always it feels touched by man. Slightly or significantly affected. Sure Malibu is a big man made lodge, but the surroundings feel untouched, like the animals and the environment you see and listen to every day and night would be humming along not an iota of difference if the lodge didn’t exist at all. It is exceedingly rare to feel that in this day and age, even living in beautiful BC. I mean that, and I mean it when I say I felt it there. The short film Malibu, BC has now been released this fall by Peak Performance.

WATCH THE MALIBU FABLE online here! Enjoy.

The Malibu Fable from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

Cheers, -Athan

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