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Parallels Re-Visited
We made Parallels in 7 days. From start to finish. Pre-production. Production. Post. Grade. Sound design. Deliver. It was a lesson in constraints. Mental, physical, conceptual. Contrast that against a short that has been thought about for weeks or months. Then a week of production. Then a couple weeks of post. Which makes the better film? Which is more challenging and rewarding to the viewer of the art?

While we don’t wish to repeat the 7 day rush exercise of 2 hours of shuteye per night for the entire week unless absolutely need be, in the case of Parallels it is still to this day some of the best work Dendrite has ever done. Why?

Put a constraint on art. We don’t mean the mad scramble that 7 days forced, but rather the conceptual limitations that we applied to the piece. Parallels. The Parallels we see in the mountains every day. No matter the discipline. No matter the weather, the attitude, or the camaraderie. Explore this idea and explore it in depth. Turn the limitation into an abundance of creative growth. We can say definitively this is one of the fundamentals of the dendritic philosophy. Not to mention we think it proves Dendrite Studios can deliver outstanding films and videos and art on tight deadlines.


– Dendrite

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