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Our core services that we offer


Pre-production is the key to every great piece of motion. The more planning the better.


Production is our forte. From one man bands to full crew shoots, from the city to the most remote spots on earth. We’ve been a part of it.


Post production is what separates good from great. From sound design to colour correction we go beyond great.


Web, festival, tv, commercial, short or long form we deliver, market, and align with distributors to gain huge impressions and views.


Beyond our core services sits our appetite for creative design. Whether it be film covers, multi-page brochures, or full-on web development, we’ve produced it.


Dendrite Studios is an award winning full service film production house with roots in the action sports industry and experience in all realms of production. Every great video piece comes from a place of passion where we create unique imagery that informs and challenges the viewer. No matter what the genre we are here to make art. It may be to sell a product, it may be to challenge the status quo, or simply tell a story that needs to be told, but it will always immerse the audience in souvenirs from the frontier.

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Get to know the faces that is Dendrite Studios

Athan Merrick

Cinematographer, Producer

Athan is a former professional big mountain skier. This adventurous spirit allows him to put the camera in places not many people are willing to go. He has a BFA from the UBC Film Production Program, specializing in cinematography with a minor in philosophy. He spent 4 years as an IATSE union lighting technician and best boy working on up to 200 million dollar features to watch master cinematographers at work and see how the big productions run. He takes his passions and experiences to hone and evolve his craft of cinematography to an intoxicating level.

Nicolas Teichrob

Director, Producer, Cine, Editor

Nicolas Teichrob An award-winning artist who holds a M.Sc. degree in Geography and Geology, Nicolas‘ unique eye has picked up over 50 awards through his outdoor adventure photography and filmmaking. Nicolas’ projects seek to expand the collective awareness of environmental issues while encouraging outdoor recreation and exploration of our wild places. Visual highlights include STAND, Jumbo Wild, Uninterrupted (in prod – 2017) and Numinous (in prod – 2017).  Further projects include Spun Spectra and SoundGarden, collaborations with Giorgio Magnanensi and Laboratorio to create audio-visual installations utilizing projectors, holograms, and natural landscapes to expand our spatial scales of engagement.

Work With Our Crew

We’re always interested in meeting up with potential clients large and small, for commercial projects or short and feature length films projects.

“Dendrite Studios is a great partner when it comes to producing authentic, creative and high-level skiing films. They always managed to captured the values of our brand and athletes in a perfect way. We hope that we will continue working with them for future adventures.”
– Daniel Bergstrom, Global Head of Creation, Peak Performance

“I’ve hired Athan’s crew (Dendrite) for two location shoots to produce video-based scenarios for online sales enablement training. During each project, Dendrite’s insight, creative skills, and professional etiquette enabled us to create high-quality training assets that met our budget – and were delivered on time. If asked who to bring in for video, Dendrite is my answer!”
—  Jan Seger, Learning Content Director, GCO University, SAP Canada  




Our latest happenings in life & work

Long live the life of a great project – Take a Stand Youth for Conservation


Sometimes we get lucky.  Time and patience has a way of working with you as long as you are true to self.  Projects come and go, ideas, fleeting, long lasting, great, shitty, but sometimes an idea or project sticks around, usually it’s a project that had to overcome notable obstacles but perseverance kept the ideas on track.  In the case of Stand film, which was released back in spring of 2013, that idea has continued to stick around and even grow, creating would could become a legacy of that project.   more



Straws, single-use pieces of plastic that some use to sip a beverage through, that has a useful lifetime of a few minutes and takes 500 years to degrade. Straws are our new mission, we want to make straws into the next plastic bag. We want to help society get rid of its useless plastic consuming aways and start with something small. Start with straws.



The seas are chaotic, 20 knot winds blow from the southeast, colliding and combining with a large southwest swell that was built during the previous 24 hours of 55knot+ winds from the open Pacific. We haven’t seen land in over a day and I’m spending as much time as possible with my eyes closed and body horizontal. But the outside deck beckons, I want to see the gnarly ocean, to see the bird and marine life that exists  more

Dendrite Studios – a Company History


With little more than a ton of ambition and a deep love of skiing, Athan Merrick and Nicolas Teichrob joined forces in 2009 to make a ski movie. But they needed a company first, and with a shared desire to create unique and stunning imagery, Dendrite Studios was formed. Playing off of the chaotic nature of dendritic patterns that surround us in the natural world, Dendrite’s initial goal was to showcase the ‘unseen’  more

Athan Merrick: Other work


Here at Dendrite Studios we believe in broadening our horizons to hone our craft. It’s a company mandate that when a project is presented to one of our personnel that will make that individual a better asset to Dendrite then by all means go for it. So here are a select few projects that Athan has worked on in the past few years outside of the dendritic rotunda.


Malibu, BC


Funny enough I’d never heard of Malibu, BC. California sure. As an avid surfer the fabled point of Malibu in the 50’s intrigued me. Today not so much. The crowds would deter the lore. Enter Malibu, BC, a place where crowds do not exist. No surfing, besides a little bit of tidal and wake surfing, but skiing. Real deal mountains of serious consequence without a soul in site. Dendrite Studios was brought into Malibu to document a remote and unexplored heli ski more

Parallels Re-Visited


Parallels Re-Visited
We made Parallels in 7 days. From start to finish. Pre-production. Production. Post. Grade. Sound design. Deliver. It was a lesson in constraints. Mental, physical, conceptual. Contrast that against a short that has been thought about for weeks or months. Then a week of production. Then a couple weeks of post. Which makes the better film? Which is more challenging and  more

Our Recent Clients

“They’re one of the most talented production houses in the outdoor world right now.  Not only is their imagery exquisite, they’re amazing storytellers willing to take on issues and ideas that stray from the mainstream. Truly beautiful stuff”
— Mitchell Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine 

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“It was an absolute pleasure working with Nic’s team (Dendrite) on Stand Film.  From a sponsor perspective they were very professional with our needs and deliverables. The end product was award winning authentic content with a long lasting message that made a significant impact globally. I would recommend any company to work with Dendrite Studios on future projects.”
—  Dario Phillips, Americas Marketing Director, Quiksilver (currently Global Marketing Director, HUF)  



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