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The seas are chaotic, 20 knot winds blow from the southeast, colliding and combining with a large southwest swell that was built during the previous 24 hours of 55knot+ winds from the open Pacific. We haven’t seen land in over a day and I’m spending as much time as possible with my eyes closed and body horizontal. But the outside deck beckons, I want to see the gnarly ocean, to see the bird and marine life that exists  more

With little more than a ton of ambition and a deep love of skiing, Athan Merrick and Nicolas Teichrob joined forces in 2009 to make a ski movie. But they needed a company first, and with a shared desire to create unique and stunning imagery, Dendrite Studios was formed. Playing off of the chaotic nature of dendritic patterns that surround us in the natural world, Dendrite’s initial goal was to showcase the ‘unseen’  more